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About Us and What We Do

The Sacred Walk Initiative has been in development for over 10 years. As a result of various dreams, visions, and ceremonies over that span we have created this organization. Due to the chaotic disconnect of our modern life and the increased separation from natural ways of living, there is a dire need for a cultural transformation and reprogramming of the people. The focal point for reinventing culture must be our youth. It is SWI’s goal to provide a template for this cultural transformation that is practical and can be easily implemented into daily living.

The mission of the Sacred Walk Initiative is to reconnect people of all ages to their sacred purpose and to provide guiding principals to the people on how to live in a sacred way within mainstream culture. Of particular emphasis is the use of ceremony to create honor and connection to all facets of life. Ceremony also helps us define what our sacred purpose is and how that purpose can be achieved.  Our youth, in particular, struggle with finding meaning, connection, and purpose in the world. The SWI provides a multi-faceted nature based spiritual curriculum that develops these connections for life. Our Facebook page will be an open forum to discuss spiritual topics, events, and issues concerning our youth, our planet and the spiritual state of our world. The spiritual foundation of the SWI is the MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN, The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation. All of the work we do is guided by prayer.

We offer a multitude of ceremonies for any part of life and teach individuals how to run their own ceremonies for life. We also offer healing ceremonies, herbal medicines and private consultations. We also are developing an apprenticeship program with local businesses in the Livingston/Bozeman area. All of our work is done on a volunteer or donation basis. Please refer to our blog and visit our Facebook page to keep in touch and read more detailed essay’s about the SWI and the current spiritual transformation that we as humans are going through.


 Lucas Mulvaugh: Deep Nature Connection, Traditional Drumming and Singing, Sweat Lodge, Ceremony as a Means to Wellness, Hiking, Tracking, Primitive Skills, Volunteer Service, Career Exploration, Finding a Calling in Life, Youth Leadership, Holistic Living, Nutrition, Daily Wellness Practices.

Matlynn Snodgrass: Peer Mediation, Social/Emotional Skill Building Groups, Gardening, Plant Identification, Drum Making,


 Mathew Wilhelm: Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, River Ecology, Invasive Species Education. Visit his Facebook page HERE and his website at www.yellowstoneflyfishingschool.com

 Kim Shotola:Animal Communication, Natural Animal Care, Deep Nature Connection. Visit her Facebook page HERE and her  website www.TheLightfootWay.com

 Sara Horvath: Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Daily Wellness Practices

 Nan Conely: Equine Therapy, Deep Nature Connection. Visit her music store’s Facebook page HERE and her website at www.conelybooksandmusic.com

 Mathew Lasalle: Improvisational Dance, Theatre, and Comedy

 Randy Libengueth: Electronic Music Lessons, Drug and Alcohol Free Youth Dances

Sam Mascari: Sustainable Food Production, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence Groups. Visit his Facebook page HERE and website www.montanaroots.org


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Please contact us with any questions or comments.  We enjoy hearing people’s stores and are always looking to broaden the SWI community.  Visit our Facebook page and Blog to stay updated on ceremony, our activities, and programming.




 Lucas Mulvaugh    406.224.3116

Matlynn Snodgrass    406.224.8665

Chris Newhouse    406.220.0005